Rain and the Midwest Dog

When I was young we didn’t have dogs. I lived in the northwest where a steady rain would fall.  Now that I live in the Midwest I realize why my parents only let us have cats for pets.

My dogs do like to run in and out of the house whenever it rains and I have no choice but to let them. I mean what kind of mother would I be if I spoiled their fun? I was initially one of those mothers who diligently wiped their paws as they came in the door each time, until I threw my back out from bending over too much. Those days are over as I have figured out, that most of the time the mud will dry and I can vacuum it up at my leisure.

As my dogs and I have gotten older they and I are more reluctant to go outside in the first place. So now more often the retractable leash comes out and I stand on the stoop, just enough to give the impression that I am braving the elements with them before they run back inside where it is dry.



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