By the Sea…

Today was a day for adventure. Dickens did not want to be on a leash, so I let him loose to go and discover the wide open spaces in the wet green space behind our condominium.

Along the big expanse of green grass is also a creek that runs along aside it. Dickens is by no means a water dog, though many of his brethren enjoy swimming. All it took was falling in the creek once, as a puppy, to convince him it was not the place he wanted to be. ¬†Today while sniffing out the unknown he had an encounter with a crawdad, or crayfish depending where you live. There are many of their holes in the grass, but I had yet to see one until today. This one must have wandered away from his lair. I cued Dickens to ‘leave it’ and he went elsewhere to sniff and play while I attempted to pick up the critter and put him in the muddy creek out of harm’s way. Once I got a hold of him and carried him to the creek, I dropped him in but he landed on his back, so then I needed to help him get on his stomach. I did not want him to become easy prey. So I dangled the dog leash into the water to give the crawdad something to grab onto with his pincher’s to right himself. Amazingly that is exactly what he did. God’s creatures are truly magnificent!



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