Puppy Love

I have started training a new puppy for some friends of mine. She is a 9 week old Golden Doodle puppy. Her name is Spencer. They named her thinking they were getting a boy.

Spencer is a wild child most of the time and I can say here that part of this is because her owners got her WAY too young. Never should a puppy leave it’s mother before it is 9-10 weeks old. Spencer was booted out of the barn at 7 weeks old and we all have been paying for it ever since!!  This longer period gives the mother dog plenty of time to teach her pups the manners they need to get along in the outside world. Once she starts socializing in puppy classes, with other puppies, she will also get lessons from them in how to behave.

If we give our puppy’s structure, boundaries and life skills through training, just like parents give their children, they will grow to be the best friends and companions we all want them to be.



  1. she is SO adorable!! Good luck with your new puppy 🙂

    • Thanks! Spencer appreciates it. She turned into a great puppy, with some daily coaching from her favorite Guru. I think she got a lot bigger too than her new family bargained for. Now they are experiencing the terrible teens. lol

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