Christmas For Pets

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas is for pets plain and simple. Have you recently walked into a pet store at Christmastime and seen the festive displays of  pet stockings, seasonal pet collars with bells and ribbons, colorful green and red toys, antlers ears and even rawhide that is shaped like a candy cane? Some stores even put these items at 75% off the week before Christmas so they are not left with a surplus afterwards.

Ok, I admit I do buy my dogs Christmas presents, but they are my kids. And I do whisper when they are around as to what I bought them, so that they do not overhear what I am saying, because as you know they have excellent hearing! But I do not go overboard, as dog toys and bones are expensive. So this year, both of my boys got two presents each, one bone and one toy and one toy to share. That is all. I would say that this Christmas was a success, wouldn’t you?


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