The Great Escape!

Angels again

Angels again

Eddy has become an escape artist! He knows not what he does. It is 85 degrees outside and I am getting ready to take my springer, Dickens outside for a walk. I usually tell Eddy to ‘wait’ when I go outside with my other dog, this time I forgot and so it goes. As soon as I open the door, Eddy makes his move and darts out behind me, knocking me against the wall and running out the door. He makes a run for it and heads out around my condominium building for the back common area and the creek! My other dog Dickens and I return to the interior, where I leave him and then go out the back through the garage. There I find Eddy running away from me as fast as he can. I go back inside to release my other dog and retrieve a coupling lead. The hunt is on. Eddy as big as he is, will soon run out of gas. He gets tired and hot easily. My springer spaniel Dickens will go ‘find’ him and bring him back. I slowing walk towards the two of them watching to see where they go. I call Dickens name occasionally to get him to stay closer to me which he does. I crest the hill in back and turn around heading back towards my garage, encouraging them to both follow me. Calling them by name, whistling, patting my leg as I continue to walk back. Eddy is starting to yearn for water and the safety of four walls as he does not seem to like being outside. Dickens and Eddy both start to run in my direction. Their tongues are hanging out, and their running has turned into an amble. When Eddy reaches me he stops so that I may attach his leash. He is proving more and more that he is a reliable four-year old. Both boys will receive much love and a rawhide chip for coming home.


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